Time Is Killing Me

About Us


ManleyWay is a culmination of efforts of musicians, songwriters, friends, and family that have written and performed together for over a decade. The band members have versatility in talent spanning different genres and art disciplines. They have performed in many national tours and one international tour and have been featured in Relix magazine.  

ManleyWay shares a love for art, nature, and performing music. They want to leave the world better than when they found it, 

Let Your Love Shine.

Band Members


Terry Padgett- Vocals/Guitar

Eric Padgett- Bass/Guitar

Canaan Peeples- Guitar/Vocals/Bass

Sean Bing- Drums/Vocals

Jamar A. Woods- Piano/Keyboard

Aaron Padgett-Mandolin/Vocals/Drums

Kenneth Everett-Banjo/Percussion

Zebulon Bowles-Violin/Fiddle



ManleyWay blends ,blues/rock, bluegrass and improvisation to create a large soundscape.  Sweet harmonies and a thumping rhythm section are two things ManleyWay brings to every show.

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